5 benefits of using vinyl flooring in commercial spaces

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Vinyl flooring continues to be a popular choice among commercial spaces, providing an affordable flooring option with many benefits. Whether you’re looking for flooring for a hotel, restaurant, school, hospital or an office, vinyl successfully combines style with substance.

Let’s look at 5 commercial vinyl flooring benefits for you to explore.

1. Enhance looks with stylistic designs

Vinyl flooring is a highly popular flooring choice given its aesthetically-pleasing design options. Whether you want to use vinyl flooring for your home office or a corporate workplace, you can easily choose from various luxurious finishes and prints. High-end materials such as ceramic, wood, concrete, and stone prints can also really brighten up your daily work environment.

2. Water-resistance convenience

Thanks to its waterproof materials and smooth finish, vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for commercial spaces that are prone to moisture build-up. For example, those with commercial restaurant flooring needs will greatly benefit from the extra protection this flooring type provides. This is because vinyl flooring has no seams and therefore stops moisture from entering the subfloor.

3. Long-lasting and durable

If you’re struggling to find a flooring material that can withstand several years of wear-and-tear, then vinyl could be for you.

Heavy-duty commercial flooring is highly suitable for spaces that experience heavy traffic on a daily basis such as hotels, banks, and hospital facilities. You can rely on vinyl floorings’ commercial-grade layers to deliver despite these heavy-impact environments. And because of its exceptional materials, noise is also well-minimised.

4. Spend less, achieve more

If there’s one factor that makes vinyl flooring stand out, it’s affordability. Compared to other flooring methods such as tiling and conventional flooring, vinyl flooring efficiently gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Vinyl is one of the best flooring for shops, especially if you want to pull-off an upscale finish at an economical price. Shops that offer services or products will not only appreciate its affordable costs, but also how easy it is to clean.

5. Enjoy low maintenance

Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to maintain, which benefits commercial settings such as retail stores which have to be cleaned regularly. And if your commercial space is an old property, vinyl flooring can be easily installed over existing linoleum flooring or vinyl for extra convenience.

Maximising your resources whilst being able to provide exceptional quality for your commercial space makes vinyl commercial flooring a great investment in the long run.

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