Subfloor preparation services explained

Subfloor preparation

Subfloor preparation must be well-executed to ensure a lasting quality finish for any flooring product. Not only does it provide stronger floor stability, but also makes for a convenient and hassle-free installation process. Improper preparation, on the other hand, can cause unwanted expenses and produce early flooring defects.

Over 30 years of industry knowledge

With over 30 years of industry knowledge, we have an extensive wealth of experience to draw from when it comes to subfloor preparation. Our services provide long-lasting quality and excellent value for money, and our professional estimators and surveyors can advise you on the correct preparation to meet industry standards.

Let’s explain our subfloor preparation services in a little more detail.

Uplifting and disposal of existing flooring

The existing floor removal process will ensure that your space is free from any moisture, dust, and other debris. Since old flooring may reveal asbestos, which are fibres that are dangerous when inhaled, it’s important to consult us for its safe removal.

Floor grinding to remove old latex and adhesives

Before the subfloor installation, floor grinding tools are used to remove any rough surfaces to enhance the flooring’s quality. Once a smooth surface is revealed through grinding, it becomes much easier to achieve any type of flooring finish you’d like.

Use of liquid damp proof membranes and moisture suppressants

The key to long-standing subflooring is identifying its moisture level. Liquid damp proof membranes and moisture suppressants help speed up installations for areas in the property where moisture is present.

We also use pumped screeds for areas that will receive light traffic within a few hours following the installation. Overall, this process will assure you that the flooring’s moisture level is not too high to protect it from degrading over time.

Self-levelling and smoothing compounds

This process smoothens out any imperfections on cementitious-based substrates such as concrete floors. If you’re looking to revamp an old or damaged floor with uneven or cracked surfaces, our team uses self-levelling compounds to ensure that your flooring is well-prepared.

Plywood overlays

We offer plywood overlays mechanically fixed at 6” centres, generally ranging from 6mm – 12mm in thickness. This preparation helps avoid affecting the floor covering due to board edges, and we can accommodate up to 22mm of plywood thickness if required.

Various self-levelling wearing surfaces

Our services include different self-levelling wearing surfaces including all primers, seals, and lacquers. Not just ideal for areas with high foot traffic, the level floor surfaces are durable and have smooth finishes that are made to impress.

Care & attention to detail

The Flooring Co. recognise the importance of professional subfloor preparation. Since subfloors strengthen the structural support of your surface flooring, it’s our mission to ensure that your safety is our top priority. If you would like to know more about our high-quality subfloor preparation services, contact us today on 020 8462 4050.

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