From softness to durability, we explore five benefits of wool carpets

Imagine getting out of bed on a cold winters day and greeting your cold feet with a warm, luxury wool carpet. This enviable carpet choice is blessed with superb heat and sound insulating properties, long-lasting durability and value for money.

So, without further ado, let’s look at 5 benefits of wool carpets.

1. Luxuriously soft

You only have to picture the last time you stepped on a wool carpet to remind yourself of its luxurious appeal. A natural insulator in winter, wool keeps your home warm whilst providing an energy efficient investment.

2. Naturally built to last

Thanks to the natural crimp in wool fibres, this carpet type can maintain its vibrant looks better than most of its competition. It’s also naturally good at covering up unsightly oil and unwanted soil stains.

3. Cushions falls

The gentle softness of wool makes it perfect for cushioning falls from young children and elderly people. Plus, protection can be enhanced further when wool carpets are fitted over a good quality underlay.

4. Sustainable and Biodegradable

Preserving the natural world has never been more in focus. Wool is biodegradable in soil, providing nutritional benefits to plants. It’s also fully sustainable thanks to the fresh supply of wool each year from sheep that require regular shearing.

5. Fire resistant

Wool is naturally fire resistant with an extremely slow ignition rate, and is often the carpet of choice for large public places such as airports. Providing peace of mind and comfort for both commercial and home settings, wool fibres will melt rather than burn.

Disadvantages of wool carpets

It would be dishonest of us not to acknowledge some disadvantages of wool carpets.
Firstly, due to the production costs of creating such a luxury product, wool carpet prices can initially feel on the high side. However, when cared for properly, the best wool carpets can outlive other materials, and often even out when you factor in carpet replacements.
It’s also important to keep in mind that, although wool carpets are stain-resistant to soiling and oil-based liquids, this isn’t the case with non-oil-based liquids such as coffee and wine. Wool carpets are also highly absorbent, which is excellent for removing humidity from the air — but not so great for spillages!

Finally, extended exposure to sunlight can cause wool carpets to fade over time, resulting in a lower quality appearance. To overcome this challenge it’s a good idea to try and avoid fitting carpets in rooms and areas that are constantly exposed to UV rays.
Looking for ultimate luxury this winter?

Wool carpets provide ultimate luxury whilst being durable, safe and friendly on the natural world. Whilst there are some negative aspects to consider, most of these can be overcome.

Natural Flooring Co. are passionate about carpet and flooring. If you need help weighing up the pros and cons of wool carpets for your environment, our carpet experts get in touch and will happily provide you with further advice.

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