Stephen Friedman Gallery

Restoring beauty in a contemporary art gallery

London / Arts & culture
Parquet floor restoration / 300m2

Craft, care and attention to detail were required for this restoration of a traditional parquet floor, in a striking contemporary art space.

The brief

An original wooden floor, damaged over time, had to be restored with care and given a completely new striking look to complement the surrounding exhibits.

The action

Our team patiently restored damaged areas of the wooden floor, painstakingly resetting individual blocks to complete the original classic chevron design.

Once repaired, our qualified team used a dust-free Hummel Drum Sander, to sand the entire space. Floor sanding complete, we entered a final buffing stage to achieve a seamless finish.

To create an end result with impact, we applied two layers of black floor paint, sealed with three coats of Bona HD Traffic – to ensure this high-traffic space would retain a long-lasting, durable finish.

The results

Our work restored the flooring in this cultural space to its former glory, creating a perfect back drop to the inspiring mix of artwork, photography and installations on display.

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