St Peter’s Church

Brighton church community space refurbished

Brighton / Arts & culture
Interface Transformation Carpet Tiles / 800m2

Donating our fitting time our contract flooring team installed durable carpet tiles in this 19th century grade II listed church.

The brief

St. Peter’s Church approached the Flooring Co to supply and fit new floor coverings to offer durability and long-term value, in a high footfall community space.

The action

Donating our time to support the important community work of St Peter’s, we set to work in the beautiful surrounds of this historic building, which dates back to the 1820s.

With high footfall, maintenance and cleaning to consider, we sourced heavy contract carpet tiling. This offers future flexibility and longevity, as single tiles can easily be removed or replaced.

We worked rapidly, taking up the original flooring in order begin fitting the selected Transformation Carpet Tiles which were installed using F. Ball & Co’s F41.

The results

St Peter’s Church received a durable, practical floor covering – all fitted in record time. In light of the Church’s vital community work, the Flooring Co team felt a great sense of reward for contributing to such an important cause.

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