How to choose the best flooring for your educational facility

Parent and child walking through School corridor

Making the right flooring choice for your educational facility is a challenge. Typical school flooring, for example, receives heavy foot traffic from children walking and running around, making noise and causing spillages from food and drink.

Maintenance, life service, and safety are all important points to consider for educational decision-makers. Let’s look at four points to think about to ensure you create an environment that fully supports your students and staff well-being.

1. Flooring utilisation

Before choosing a floor covering for your educational facility, it’s important to ask yourself where you’ll use it. A top choice for classroom flooring, for example, is fibre bond carpets, which has a composition that works in harmony with the environment. Acoustic flooring, on the other hand, is fray-free, slip-resistant, and robust.

2. Maintenance matters

Since you’ll likely be dealing with a lot of dirt build-up, choosing low maintenance flooring for your educational facility is a must.

Forbo’s Marmoleum is a great example of an easy to clean flooring and includes an advanced, two-layer water-based surface that keeps it looking good and is easy to maintain year on year.

3. Built to last

Since it’s not practical to change floor types yearly, it’s a good idea to choose educational flooring that can last longer and can easily handle wear and tear.

Forbo’s Marmoleum can last up to 40 years with proper maintenance, making it an ideal choice for sports hall flooring. Linoleum is also eco-friendly and offers multiple colours and patterns.

4. Safety

Safety is always the top priority when it comes to student flooring. Since corridors are some of the busiest spaces in educational facilities, choosing non-slip flooring is vital to help prevent slips and trips.

If you’re looking for reliable nursery flooring, Forbo’s Flotex flooring is slip-resistant, comfortable, and safe for children. Shock absorbing flooring is a great choice for in indoor sports halls, providing safety and protection from injuries.

The Flooring Co

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All of our team are health & safety trained and have current DBS certificates.

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