4 factors to consider when choosing college, university and school flooring

Choosing the right floor for an educational facility depends on a number of factors, such as how much foot traffic there is, what the space will be used for and the age range of those using the floor.

Often at the top of a people’s mind will be how long the floor will last, however there are several other factors to look out for when deciding which floor to pick for your school, college or university.

These include floors which reduce noise levels from adjacent rooms, those with colours and patterns to improve student’s concentration levels and floors that contribute to indoor air quality.

We explore 4 factors to think about when making your educational flooring decision.

1. A floor that’s built to last

With foot traffic being so high in areas such as corridors and halls, a cost-effective, long-lasting floor are key factors to consider.

Fibre bonded carpets, which are one of the top choices for a classroom carpet, are both good value and highly durable. This is achieved from synthetic fibres, which are needled together to create a robust and long-lasting floor.

If you’re looking for sports hall flooring for multi-purpose sports, linoleum makes for an excellent choice with its long lifespan and ability to cater for non-sporting events.

And when it comes to the daily traffic of school, college and university corridors, durability becomes even more important. Contract Wood vinyl, for example, has been developed to cater for very high foot traffic areas, with exceptional resistance to wear and tear. Similarly, linoleum successfully combines looks with durability, and has been trusted for over 150 years.

2. Cleaning and low maintenance flooring

A floor which is easy to clean and maintain is a must in an educational environment, with spillages and dirt build up being a regular occurrence. Thankfully, there are a variety of floors to choose from that have been designed with easy cleaning and maintenance in mind.

Safetred Natural is a great example of a floor which is both easy to clean, stain- resistant and provides protection against slips, trips and falls.

3. Colours and textures

Have you ever wondered why children seem so content in natural surroundings such as parks and forests? It may be partly to do with the colours.

Green has a low wavelength which results in calmness and restfulness, making it a great choice for concentration. Similarly, an orange sunset can be a great mood lifter and a blue sky can boost productivity.

Colour, light and textures all play a role in students’ attention levels, which is why it’s important to take these factors into consideration when picking a floor. This is especially true for nursery flooring and pre-schools, where colour and pattern combinations encourage curiosity.

4. Acoustic flooring

Noise reduction isn’t necessarily the first thing you would think about when choosing a new floor, but in a noisy educational setting where classrooms are in close proximity, this should be a key consideration.

The Safetred Natural Acoustic collection offers impact sound reduction of 17dB, making it ideal for education facilities. This non slip flooring also has a reinforced surface for improved stain resistance, as well as being ideal for indoor air quality.

Final thoughts

We’ve explored 4 factors for you to consider when choosing student flooring for an educational facility, from choosing a floor that’s built to last to picking colours and patterns to improve students concentration levels.

If you’re looking for shock absorbing flooring for sports halls, easy to clean flooring for canteens or acoustic flooring to reduce noise from adjacent classrooms — we can supply, fit and maintain your educational flooring.

Contact The Flooring Co. today and our experienced team will advise you on the perfect flooring for your school, college or university.

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