St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

Top marks for sports and rubber flooring install

London / Education
nora rubber flooring & Kähr’s sports surface / +1,500m2 and 300m2

Durability and safety are vital for schools and our planning ensured we worked with minimal disruption to teachers and pupils at St Anthony’s.

The brief

Our DBS-checked fitters were tasked to install new flooring across classrooms, corridors and in the school hall efficiently and effectively during term time.

The action

In an occupied and busy school, we planned our schedule carefully to ensure our installation team did not disrupt school life.

Prior to arriving onsite, our team completed nora’s certified installation training. This ensured we could apply the latest techniques in rubber flooring cutting and fitting, as well as fitting norament® stairtread to create easy-to-maintain, safe staircases.

For the subfloor preparation work we used F.Ball Stopgap Green Bag with 128 Liquid and P131 primer – to prepare for a perfect finish. In the school hall, plus a smaller hall space we supplied and fitted Kähr’s Multisport wooden floor – selected to reduce impact on players joints, during high intensity activity.

The results

We transformed learning and sport spaces across the school site, delivering the highest standards of work, all completed with minimal disruption and within budget.

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